Adrenal Support

Benefits of using Adrenal Support:

To stimulate and support the adrenals. This blend comes straight from the EO desk reference.

What’s in Adrenal Support?

Clove, Nutmeg, and Rosemary

To blend your own:

3 drops clove

3 drops nutmeg

7 drops rosemary

Add to ¼ tsp massage oil

 Ways to use Adrenal Support


Topical: Use diluted as needed. See suggestions below.

  1. Recommended: Add approximately 12-14 drops of Adrenal Support blend to ¼ tsp of massage oil and apply as a hot compress over the adrenal glands.The adrenal glands are located over the kidneys.

  2. Also suggested from a natural doctor to apply to the wrists and rub in like perfume.Supposed to get into the blood stream well.

  3. Apply to the vitaflex points for adrenals.


Suitable for aromatic use although not our preferred way to utilize this blend that is most wonderful for topical use. 

Dietary: Not formulated for dietary use although may be used as so under the direction of a certified aromatherapist or natural doctor.


Companion oils:

Considerations: To heal adrenals consider the root causes. These can include stress, diet, etc. There is a developing body of natural hormone doctors that may be able to give you direction specific to your body’s needs.  If you live in our area, contact us for more info.



Adrenal Support 15ml $20.00

Adrenal Support 30ml $38.00

Adrenal Support Roll On 1/3oz $10.00

Empty Roll On bottle: $2

Nasal Inhaler (empty) : $2