• Basil

Basil (Sweet) ct. linalool
Ocimum basilicum

Plant Origin: Egypt
Method: Steam distilled from leaves, stems and flowers
Cultivation: Unsprayed (grown organically but not certified)

  • Benefits of using Basil:

May be useful for respiratory congestion, insect bites, earaches, burns, bruises, sprains, motion sickness, increasing breast milk.  We have used Basil in a blend to combat RSV in our four month old and on location for bruises and restless leg syndrome paired synergistically with other oils. Blends especially well with lavender.

TOPICAL: Suitable for topical use.  Use diluted.

AROMATIC: Suitable for aromatic use.

DIETARY: Suitable for dietary needs. As with all essential oils, use within safe parameters and appropriate dilution.