Four reasons to learn CPR/First aid

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#1 CPR and Basic first aid skills can be applied to home life, the workplace and in public

#2 You become empowered to act vs feeling helpless in an emergency situation

#3 Naturally, a CPR & basic first aid trained individual tends to promote a feeling of safety. This stems from their greater alertness and desire to stay safe themselves and confidence gained to reduce fear of how to respond in the event of an emergency. 

#4 The knowledge and tools to provide care and comfort to a victim, reduce anxiety in a given situation and potentially save a life! 

How to Schedule a Class

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1. Choose which class you would like to take.

2. Determine where you would like to host a class, your location or ours. Your local library, community center or your home are all good locations.

3. Choose a date & confirm availabliity with us.

4. Invite friends, family, co workers, homeschooling students, etc. Pay online through the website to reserve your space. 

5.  On the day of class, be ready to learn! We bring  the necessary equipment to equip you to be more safety conscious and prepared for emergencies.