Four reasons to learn CPR/First aid

*See "How to schedule" below

#1 CPR and Basic first aid skills can be applied to home life, the workplace and in public.

#2 You become empowered to act vs feeling helpless in an emergency situation.

#3 Naturally, a CPR & basic first aid trained individual tends to promote a feeling of safety. This stems from their greater alertness and desire to stay safe themselves and confidence gained to reduce fear of how to respond in the event of an emergency. 

#4 The knowledge and tools to provide care and comfort to a victim, reduce anxiety in a given situation and potentially save a life! 

               “I have been taking CPR & First Aid for nearly 20 years. Even with such routine repetition, I have always wondered, would I remember all I need to know in an emergency? Well, I did.  And I can not say enough about how empowering it was to walk away from a tragic moment and know I gave it everything I had.  The shock and trauma of an incident in and of itself is enough to not add “powerless” to act to it. Thank you Mindset Matters for my recent refresher!"

                                                               -Satisfied student

CPR & First Aid Non Corporate Classes

CPR & AED only/4 hour class 


Basic First Aid only/ 4 hour class


CPR, AED & Basic First Aid COMBO/Adult/Child/Infant/8 hour class

60.00/person (Homeschooling, midwifery and LE discounts available)

Covering CPR/AED & First aid for ADULT, CHILD & INFANT, this is an 8 hour certified course. Your location or ours.  Group discounts. Classes limited to 10 people. Super for babysitters, recerts, homeschoolers, teachers, and more! Mileage applies for over 100 miles.

CPR, AED & Basic First Aid COMBO-Adult only/4-5 hour class


BLS (Basic Life Support) for the Healthcare Provider/4 hour class


BLS or Basic Life Support covers: 
*CPR for infants, children and adults
*AED training
*This class is good for first time and renewals
*ASHI certified (equal to AHA and ARC)
*Satisfies ALL School and Employee CPR Requirements.
*Relaxed, hands on instruction

Who is this class for?
*Nursing, Dental and Medical Students
*Doctors, Nurses
*Respiratory therapists
*Dentists, Dental Hygienists
*Pharmacists, Radiology and Laboratory Technicians
*Physical / Occupational Therapy Assistants
*EMTs, Paramedics
*Nurse Practitioners, CRNAs
*and ALL OTHER Healthcare Professionals


Bloodborne Pathogens/   hours 


*Email for corporate and group discounts.

*Each class comes with a digital copy of the student handbook and a digital cert card. 

*Printed copies of the student handbook and cert card are optional 20.00

Additional Workplace safety Solutions

Whether you are a daycare, restaurant, small business or a huge corporation, we have solutions that can be catered towards your needs and your budget to increase safety in the workplace. All of our options are based on your unique needs.

Workplace Safety Evaluations: Our qualified safety coach will help you evaluate potential safety and security issues. This includes accessing your first aid kit, fire extinguisher needs and employee safety concerns. You may choose to remedy safety issues via our detailed report or you may commission our coach to do so for you.

Workplace Scenarios: Keep skills fresh between yearly and biyearly recertifications with scheduled or impromptu team building scenarios that are applicable to real life work issues you might encounter.

Workplace Inventory & Equipment Inspections: Choose to have our safety coach follow up monthly, quarterly or yearly to inspect First Aid & CPR kits, AEDs and fire extinguishers. You may choose to remedy needs based on the detailed report provided or commission us to refill and replace supplies and equipment as needed.


Wilderness First Aid  COMING SOON!

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"I did extensive studies on how people learn as part of my masters degree. I have had the privelage of overseeing Adam's teaching style for our company for nearly a year.  Adam is a premium instructor, facilitating a great learning environment for every type of student. "

                             -Satisfied employer

How to Schedule a Class

1. Choose which class you would like to take.  *See the current classes listed above.

2. Determine where you would like to host a class, your location or ours. Your local library, community center or your home are all good locations.

3. Choose a date & confirm availabliity with us.

4. Invite friends, family, co workers, homeschooling students, etc. Pay online through the website to reserve your space. 

5.  On the day of class, be ready to learn! We bring  the necessary equipment to equip you to be more safety conscious and prepared for emergencies.