Earache Rescue

Benefits of using Earache Relief:

Blended to facilitate drainage and combat infection. This is one of our most favorite non invasive ways to treat earaches.  For stubborn aches, we strongly suggest Pain Rescue and hydrotherapy.

What’s in Earache Relief?

Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Tea Tree


Ways to use Earache Relief



  1. Add several drops to a cotton ball and insert gently into the outer part of the ear.

  2. In addition, use with a carrier oil and try this lymphatic massage method


AROMATIC: Not the most applicable method for Earache Rescue although acceptable. Diffusing immune supportive Eos such as Plague Rescue, Respiratory Rescue, Lung Restore, and Congestion Rescue in conjunction with using Earache Rescue topically would be optimal.

DIETARY: Not formulated for dietary use.


Other considerations: Sleep propped up, visit your chiropractor, boost your immune system with nourishing foods, immune supportive herbs and essential oils. Vitamin C, Echinacea, astragulus, garlic salve, bone broths, fermented foods, Plague Rescue, Respiratory Rescue, Lung Restore, Congestion Rescue would all things to consider.  Pain Rescue and hydrotherapy are two powerful tools to relieve pain and get rid of congestion as well.

One simple technique I like for lymphatic drainage:




We have not used Earache Relief with animals to date but would feel it is safe enough to use as needed.

Companion oils: Pain Rescue, Respiratory Rescue, Plague Rescue, Lung Restore


Earache Relief 15ml $25.00

Earache Relief 30 ml $48.00

1/3 oz Roll On Ready bottle $10