Frankincense carterii Hydrolate

Aroma/Taste: Sweeter than the oil but definitely has the scent of frankincense. It can have a slightly bitter taste if used undiluted but not overwhelming. 


Stability/shelf life: Estimated at 18 months


Therapeutic value:

Internally, diuretic and very drying.  May be useful for drying up pus and discharge. 

Beneficial in oral preparations- gargles, infections, of the mouth or gums

Skin toner, for face masks, wrinkle treatments



How to use:

Mist on face and allow to air dry

Use as a gargle, mouthwash

Mist on areas of pus or discharge

Suitable for use internally


1oz Atomizer~7.00

2oz Atomizer~12.00

4oz Atomizer~24.00


(Resources: “Hydrosols- The Next Aromatherapy” by Suzanne Caty; “ Aromatherapy for Health Professionals” by Shirely Price/Len Price; “Hoilstic Aromatherapy” by Ann Berwick;

“Farmacology” by Daphne Miller, MD)