Individual Oils:

Descriptions available so far are below this list as we add them to the website! Click the button with the name of the oil you desire to read more about it! Thank you for your patience while we upgrade!

This is a new page that will eventually replace our single oils page. It will link you to more infomation, tips for using each oil and our future shopping cart!  Thank you for your patience!

Basil~$20.00 15ml~$38.00 30ml

Birch~$20.00 15ml~$38.00 30ml

Cedarwood~$15.00 15ml~$28.00 30ml

Citronella~$15.00 15ml~$28.00 30ml

Clary Safe~$15.00 15ml~$28.00 30ml

Clove~$15.00 15ml~$28.00 30ml

Cypress~$13.00 15ml~$24.00 30ml

Eucalyptus Citriodora ~$14.00 15ml~$26.00 30ml

Eucalyptus Globus~$16.00 15ml~$30.00 30ml

Eucalyptus Radiata~$14.00 15ml~$26.00 30ml

Frankincense, boswellia carterii~$30.00 15ml~$58.00 30ml

Frankincense, boswellia freanea~$30.00 15ml~$58.00 30ml

Ginger~$20.00 15ml~$38.00 30ml

Grapefruit~$10.00 15ml~$18.00 30ml

Helichrysum~$50.00 5ml~$150.00 15ml~$375.00 30ml

 Anything over 5ml may require a special order depending on what we have in stock.

Juniperberry~$15.00 15ml~$28.00 30ml

Lavender~$20.00 15ml~ $38.00 30ml

Lemon~$10.00 15ml~$18.00 30ml

Lemongrass~$15.00 15ml~$28.00 30ml

Lime~$10.00 15ml~$18.00 30ml

Myrrh~$16.00 5ml~$36.00 15ml~$67.00 30ml

Anything over 5ml may require a special order depending on what we have in stock.

Orange~$10.00 15ml~$18.00 30ml

Oregano~$15.00 15ml~$28.00 30ml

Patchouli~$20.00 15ml~ $38.00 30ml

Peppermint ~$13.00 15ml~$24.00 30ml

Rosemary~$20.00 15ml~$38.00 30ml

Rosewood~$20.00 15ml~$38.00 30ml

Spearmint~$13.00 15ml~$24.00 30ml

Tangerine~$10.00 15ml~$18.00 30ml

Tansy, Blue special order only

Tea Tree ~$15.00 15ml~$28.00 30ml

Ylang Ylang complete $30.00 15ml~$58.00 30ml

If there is something you need or desire you do not see reflected here, we most likely can special order it!  Ask and we will find out for you!