Benefits of using Peppermint:

Boasts to stimulate lymphatic system and the drainage of lymph fluids, opens sinus cavities, acts as a digestive stimulant (nausea, motion sickness), blocks headache pain, eases asthma. Peppermint is known to help increase alertness, concentration and memory.

 Ways to use Peppermint



  1. Apply diluted to sinus areas (careful to avoid eyes), temples of head, abdomen.

  2. Peppermint is our number one go to for relieving the itch and drying poison ivy after years of trying everything else ever suggested.After two years of using peppermint, it has halted one person’s yearly bouts of dealing with summer long systematic outbreaks!

DIETARY: Suitable for dietary needs. As with all essential oils, use within safe parameters and appropriate dilution.

  1. Oil pulling- add a couple drops to a cup of coconut oil and store in a glass jar

  2. We like to open sinus cavities by putting a drop of peppermint on the tip of our tongue, then pressing tongue into the roof of our mouth. It has even helped halt an asthma attacks.

  3. Add a drop to a large bottle of water to drink throughout the day.

  4. Ice cream!We use a few drops in vanilla or chocolate chip ice cream to give it a refreshing minty kick!

  5. Coconut oil candies! (see recipe bel0w)

AROMATIC: Diffuse in a diffuser or put a couple of drops in palm of hands, cupping over nose to breathe in. Use to ease headaches, sinus infections and increase concentration.


  1. Make homemade bar soap.Peppermint is a great stand alone or make Peppermint/Tea Tree.

   2. General cleaning- Add a couple of drops to a bucket of warm water for cleaning surfaces, floors, etc.  Tea Tree pairs well        with peppermint for this application as well. 


  1. Peppermint is on the caution list for pregnancy but is often suggested for nausea and morning sickness sickness used within reason.

  2. It is wonderful during labor to ease nausea or give a pep of energy.

  3. A drop of peppermint in the toilet may help mama urinate for the first time following labor.

  4. Peppermint is known to dry up breast milk so use absolutely sparingly for breastfeeding mamas and babies unless this is necessary. Spearmint is an acceptable substitute.


Companion oils:

Easy Coconut oil Fudge

2 cups coconut oil, soft or liquid at room temperature

½-3/4 cup raw honey

Peppermint Essential oil to taste

Dark chocolate candy bar (2)


Blend together the first three ingredients. Scoop by spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet or spread it out as you would bar cookies. Freeze. Melt the dark chocolate double boiler style. Either quickly plop and remove each spoonful into the chocolate with a fork or spread it across the bar style coconut oil mixture as a topping. Refreeze.  Once solid, remove and store in a Ziploc bag.