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Inhalation as a Primary Use for Essential Oils

I feel like our culture seems to think that in order for a remedy to be highly effective it has to enter through our mouth. Aromatherapy and the history of its use challenges this notion. While our family feels that the internal use of essential oils can be used within safe parameters for specific needs (ex, infectious diseases, digestive complaints...) it is not the primary route most often needed. Topical use, massage, inhalation, etc. are all super viable, simple, pleasurable, and safe ways to use essential oils.

While there are specific reasons for using certain methods of applications in certain situations, all of them almost include inhalation in one way or another. Simply using essential oils topically and directly inadvertently includes inhaling them. The benefits of this are far reaching. Inhalation addresses issues affecting the heart, lungs, brain, blood, and emotional well being. We have used or helped others use inhalation in one form or another to prevent colds and coughs from setting in, RSV, walking pneumonia, asthma attacks, overcoming bronchitis, controlling and eradicating mold, and air purification. It has helped create a calming atmosphere, assist with finding calm or focus in labor and birth, find relief from insomnia, help us work through or heal during emotional seasons in life, build needed focus and even improve memory.

While certainly not necessary every time, our diffuser has helped deliver therapeutic results for ALL of these above reasons at one time or another. Our most valuable use for our diffuser has been for preventative against sickness and to quickly nip respiratory issues in the children by running it through the night. The most critical and essential times we have used our diffuser were for RSV in our four month old fifth born and with a nebulizer mask attached creatively for two friends at different times to deliver natural breathing treatments for asthma and bronchitis. I believe these treatments saved us from visits to the ER, along with the chemicals we would've encountered there, the hospital bills, and the trauma of the experience. (All these things are WORTH overcoming if needed...but if we can prevent the need....!!)

Great oils we have used for diffusing include:

Plague Rescue-($12) Diffuse to provide immune system support, combat sickness, and address mold issues.

Respiratory Rescue ($15) and Lung Restore- ($15) Diffusing and inhaling these blends help improve respiratory illnesses, assist those with asthma issues, and provide "breathing treatments." For our most severe respiratory issues we combined diffuser use with Respiratory salve and/or Garlic salve, lots of fluids and a prayerful eye!

Peace and Tranquility- ($15) Diffuse during labor and birth, insomnia, and stressful/traumatic life seasons to incorporate a feeling of calm.

Lavender- ($20) Diffuse during labor and birth and insomnia for a calming effect.

Purify- ($15) Diffuse for air purification and to eradicate odors.

Memory Rescue- ($15) Diffusing this blend encourages focus, clarity, creativity, and memory.

We have the adult or pediatric nebulizer mask available for purchase for $5. To the best of our knowledge and experience it only connects with diffusers that connect the oil bottle via clear tubing similar to oxygen or fish tank tubing. See our next post on "Which Diffuser is Right for You?"

L'Chaim Essential Oils recently joined Diffuser World's affiliate program in order to be able to offer you a 5% discount on any diffuser you purchase. Use this link to benefit from this offer: or this coupon code: A1031Save5

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