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Which Diffuser is Right for You

A diffuser is a long term investment when purchased with forethought and quality in mind. We have owned our Diffuser World diffuser for nearly eight years. It travels with us everywhere, has been lent to countless friends, and used for preventative measures as well as to combat specific needs.

Diffuser World has more to offer than when we purchased ours. Here are my top three recommendations and why:

aroma breeze diffuser $59.jpg

The Aroma Breeze is an economical way to deliver therapeutic results with minimal investment. While it doesn't offer volume control or a timer it still allows you to connect a nebulizer mask if needed. (This is important to us for various reasons we discussed in our previous blog post, "Why we like Diffusers".)it's currently sold for $59.00.

The Aroma Ace at $150 delivers the ability to regulate oil output via the volume control and timer. You save on essential oil usage in the long run because you can control how much it

aroma ace $150.jpg

puts out and walk away. It is simply not necessary to diffuse oils for 8-10 hours straight and

benefit from them therapeutically. Furthermore, this is especially valuable during the night time hours where good rest is imperative. It boasts of a "quick change" feature but in reality isn't a selling point for us. We don't find the other diffusers difficult to change out oil bottles. The "quick change" feature does not allow for attaching a nebulizer.

Our favorite diffuser that encompasses all of the strong points of the previous two diffusers is the Aroma Whisper. The volume control and timer are part of the package plus the ability

aroma whisper $179.jpg

to connect a nebulizer. This means you save on oil use while still delivering needed therapy and is more adaptable to various creative emergency respiratory needs. The investment for an Aroma Whisper is presently $180.

L'Chaim Essential Oils recently joined Diffuser World's affiliate program in order to be able to offer you a 5% discount on any diffuser you purchase. Use this coupon code: A1031Save5 or click on this link to benefit from this offer:


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