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Organize Your Favorite Effective Natural Alternatives

We love researching online, in books, via social media, and information gathered from tried and true wisdom passed down from others. Essential oils, herbs, nutrition, and some emergency alternatives (when appropriate) are part of the all encompassing approach we take to nourishing, preventing, and combatting specific needs for our family.

Coming from so many sources and in so many forms, for a plethora of genres and specific common and not so common ailments and experiences, this requires organization! We value the Internet but don't take it for granted. Traveling with a load of books is not always advantageous either. Remembering what so and so did for that Dupentynes Contraction was so long ago... We have experienced one too many situations where we have needed information quickly. We don't want to reresearch the topic but look to what has worked for us in the past.

We organize our remedies in a simple flip book. It takes just minutes to jot down the latest find and it's even simpler than a search (even in my organized Pinterest folders) to retrieve the information when I have needed it. We won't mention times when we have been in remote roaming areas or slow internet responses. Even in the largest cities we've encountered sluggish technology.

We are offering these starter flip books to you in order to begin organizing your own personal needs and experiences to refer to for yourself, your family, and others. They make great gifts or to add to a gift set for the budding aromatherapist/herbalist in your circles!


The flip book

The four questions we ask in every situation to help us address the need at hand

Methods of applying/using essential oils and herbs

Pack of Ten Basic Essential Oil cards- overview and and how we use them

Fifty blank index cards for you to personalize for your own needs and research

This is now available for $10!

Additional cards now available (25 cents each):

Tummy Calm Recipe

Garlic Salve Recipe

Labor/Birth EO suggestions

Digestive Complaints (our favorite remedies)

Newborn Blend- suggested uses for mommy and baby

ACV/Honey drink recipe card

With appropriate blog posts and products we offer we will create new pages that can be purchased for a minimal cost (25 cents) to add as you see fit. These will include herbal recipes, essential oil blends, how we like to use specific remedies, etc.

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