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Transform Your Summer First Aid Kit: Part Two-Scrapes, Cuts, Bug Bites, Bruises, and Burns!

Words are super powerful. Positive and negative words both can stick with us for a lifetime.

I am nearly 38 years old. Like all of us who have grown up and become parents, we hear ourselves say things that our parents said to us as children. Many of them are fond memories that I now appreciate and understand more fully as an adult.

Some days I wonder what words of mine will stick with my children. I know which ones I want to stick… the character building, love giving, joyful moments! The ones that encourage them to draw closer to God (YHWH) and trust Him explicitly on this journey we call life.

Those life giving words aside, I have a feeling I know an additional phrase for sure that will probably be a family joke once they are old enough to realize it:

“Honey, just put some lavender on it.”

Hands down one of the most important essential oils in our first aid kit is LAVENDER! Scrapes, scratches, small burns, sunburn, bug bites, bruises, bumps, allergies, restlessness after a busy day, all win the prize for having lavender applied! We use it by itself, in salves, essential oil inhalers, bug spray, and even deodorant. It has even been useful in emergencies (after the incident has stabilized) to help keep everyone involved calm and find focus.

Although generally safe to use neat, we have a jar diluted (25% essential oil) with coconut oil available and ready for our children to use whenever they want to care for minor bites and bruises themselves. Even the two year old knows how to dab his various bug bites after encountering the wilds of TN, the buggiest inland state. Lavender is one of two oils listed as safe for newborns (the other being Roman Chamomile) although a 15% dilution is recommended (Wormwood).

For the cuts and scrapes that need more of Mommy’s or Daddy’s attention, BASIC FIRST AID takes anti-infectious and anti-fungal needs to the next level. Roman Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Patchouli, and Lemongrass are gentle oils that can be added to soapy water to cleanse wounds. A spray bottle of diluted Basic First Aid is a quick travel “Neosporin like” replacement. If diluted properly it should not cause discomfort when applied. We also recommendadding this blend to a natural comfrey salve or even lanolin to beef up your cut healing needs. Basic First Aid has come in handy for small injuries to reduce swelling, sunburn relief and can also be used for a variety of bug and spider bites.

BACTERIA B GONE is a blend of top anti-bacterial oils that include Clove, Geranium, Tea Tree, Rosewood, Niaouli, and Oregano. These oils are powerhouses (some of them “hot”) and should be diluted. We use this blend directly on tick bite sites as a precaution. Used properly it can combat Lyme disease (confirm all progress and results with your natural doctor) and has been known to help clear up staph infections. In addition, the littles occasionally get plantar warts and we are able to eradicate them by applying several drops to a cotton ball, placing it on the wart, and holding it in place with medical tape. Consistency is the key but soon they are gone! Bacteria B Gone is also great for the diffuser!

A roll on bottle of Lavender, Basic First Aid or Bacteria B Gone diluted is a great way to have it ready to go in your first aid kit! A simple 15 ml or 30 ml bottle refills your roll on as needed!


Roll on (diluted) $10

15 ml $20

30ml $38


Roll on (diluted) $10

15ml $15

30ml $28


Roll on (diluted) $10

15ml $15

30ml $28

Lavender, Basic First Aid, and Bacteria B Gone are three of our dozen essential oil must haves! Our dozen was compiled to address a wide range of every day and emergency needs. If you would like to know more about how to use essential oils and our basic 12, you can host a home workshop! Email us for more information!

Would you like to step up your first aid kit a notch to be prepared for deeper cuts and other small emergencies? People’s Paste is a propriety blend of powdered herbs that heals deep cuts from the bottom up. It boasts of the need to avoid stitches in many cases while disinfecting the wound and minimizing scar tissue. There are many more uses to this blend (internal and external) and you can find out more by emailing Todd! This is one herbal remedy you don’t to be without! Order People’s Paste from or email Todd through the Put People’s Paste in the subject line.

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