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Do you have trouble sleeping?

Some days you can lay down dog tired but your brain refuses to “shut down”. You think you will fall asleep but find yourself reviewing your day, sorting through unfinished business, and making a list to take off with in the morning. Busyness and stress of every day life (or unusual circumstances) can keep us from getting rest, which adds to feeling stress which may lead to more restless sleep…and the cycle continues…

Lavender essential oil has been a household name for gently and naturally helping people get to sleep for as long as it has been around. Roman Chamomile pairs well making it a powerful combo that doesn’t come with negative side effects! We blend both together to give you a powerhouse of essential oils that are safe enough for all ages (diluted appropriately). It is even safe to use during pregnancy. (A last trimester mama inspired this blend!)


We like to apply a drop to our big toes (vitaflex point for the brain) and on our chest.


4-6 drops added to 1/2 – 1 cup Epsom salts before dissolving into a warm bath before bed. Great for all ages!!


Add a few drops or sprays to your pillow and/or sheets. This is extra convenient if you predilute it in a glass spray bottle. It can also be diffused on intermittent through the night.


Dilute 10-15% essential oil to desired carrier oil. We sell this prediluted as our Newborn Blend but you can mix it yourself if you wish! It is good for eczema, winding down from over stimulating days, cord care if needed, diaper rash, etc. The 0nly thing we find not helpful to use it for is for cradle cap… it can cause the skin to heal too quickly and over the very stuff you want to remove.

Don’t lay in bed for hours hoping to fall asleep!

Get up, grab your Insomnia B Gone, and begin sleeping tonight!

Insomnia B Gone $25/15 ml $48/30ml

Insomnia B Gone Roll On $10/ 1/3 oz

(We dilute it and it is ready for you to use.)

Empty Roll On Bottle to fill yourself $1.00

Empty Spray Bottle to fill yourself $1.00

Insomnia B Gone pairs well with engrafting scripture by mediating on a memory verse while dozing off to sleep. We teach this to our children as well to help them learn to lean on His Word and go to bed with it on their minds. After all, what you go to sleep thinking about, you will often wake up to pondering on. What better than His life giving scripture?

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