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Who are we?

What is different about L’Chaim Essential Oils?

This is a question that comes our way often. There are many aspects about our family run business that makes us unique. Here are a few quick answerst to common questions.

Who makes up L’Chaim Essential Oils?

There are eight of us. We are parents to six amazing children that we have been blessed with. This all began with Adam’s desire to work from home as our oldest was turning nine months old. (He had to leave for a long training.) He did not get that opportunity until she was seven. YHWH had a lot of character growing to do in us both and work for us to do in Adam’s prior field before we could be ready for this next adventure.

We have been blessed along the way to have several volunteers step up to help us with details such as web design (new site coming soon), photography, blog editing, and even surprise financial contributions.

How did you get started on using natural alternatives for healthy living?

In summary, it was born out of our own faith journey with using not only essential oils but natural alternatives as a whole to address every day first aid and simple sicknesses. (Some of us have faith journey’s based on another aspect in life.) It became a passion as we sought to overcome more pressing health issues that came from years of neglect in taking care of our bodies God’s way. We grew spiritually, emotionally and began getting back to the way that God intended for us to eat, think, act, in order recover all. (And we are still working on this!) We believe that He gives us wisdom liberally (says so in James) and the resources to walk the paths He has given us. We acknowledge that Yeshua healed everyone who ever asked Him in the Word. We believe this is still the case but in that we recognize that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. While we have seen miracles in healing and believe in His ways, we also acknowledge that He does use the medical system in some emergencies. He uses trauma and tragedies for things beyond what we can see. He sees the bigger picture and uses everything as an opportunity to draw us and/or others to Himself in a deeper love covenant. (Thank you to all of the doctors and nurses who love Him with all of their heart and serve within a system that needs a redo on it’s foundation. )

How did you come to decide on starting an essential oil company?

The urge to start an essential oil company evolved over several years of prayerfully considering an avenue for a meager income once Adam decided to retire early. Our closest friends run a local CSA and natural alternatives were one void that needed filled as part of their holistic view on health. L’Chaim Essential Oils is one of two small family businesses that we currently run (the other begig on top of volunteering for the

Why are your oils so much more inexpensive than leading companies?

Our desire to help others and provide affordable natural alternatives is part of our vision. Our essential oils are chosen for quality and purity. We are not an MLM and so we do not have to pay a lot of people in between from farm/distiller to consumer. That keeps our cost lower and more attainable for all. We are grateful to the large companies for all of the beneficial research they have done to set a high standard and to validate what the bible says about the healing power of essential oils and herbs. We are pleased to make these same quality oils more affordable to our customer base.

What is your long term vision?

Our vision is to continue to encourage believers, families, individuals, and to demonstrate the love of Yeshua (Jesus) at home and beyond, support Israel, and help improve maternity care in other countries. We have in particular a 15 year vision to work in Romania for YHWH (God) that seems to finally becoming a reality. We believe that at the heart of both of our businesses is an opportunity to be an integral part of ministering to others.

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