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Are You Using Toxic Kitty Litter?

One of our most pressing issues with an indoor cat is the litter box and how toxic it is. You can kick your precious cargo out of doors if you wish to curtail this chemical cocktail or you can easily make your own natural solution.

Besides curbing unwanted stench, essential oils can give your feline friend many health benefits they need. There are several oils and blends that may be suitable for stifling your litteroma and support your furry friend’s needs:

Copiaba (may help with arthritis, skin conditions, anti inflammatory, UTI, pairs well with other oils)

Frankincense (anti tumoral, immune building, anti depressant)

Digestion Rescue (helps digestion issues)

Lavender (calming, skin conditions, anti fungal, muscular concerns)

Lemon (anti cancer, immune building, UTI, anxiety, anti bacterial)

Purify (great odor eliminator, anti parasitic, respiratory)

The Animal Desk Reference by Melissa Shelton, DVM, holistic veterinarian recommends this protocol:

*unscented kitty litter (Our local Kroger sells a good one)

*1-3 drops of essential oil (as the cat grows accustomed to the scent you may add more)

*1 cup baking soda

Mix well and store overnight in a glass jar. Shake it several times. Add to the unscented litter, stirring it in. Shelton recommends having two litter boxes initially- the EO added litter and a plain litter. This way you can be sure she will not have an aversion to the EO’s you have selected (but if he/she does they will still have a place to go!) Like people, you get a sense of what your body needs. Your feline will gravitate towards what he/she needs. Once you find oils that work for you both, you can omit the plain litter box.

PERSONAL NOTE: Due to our own experiences, we agree with this incredible animal desk reference (written by a holistic vet) that there are a lot of quality oils that are safe for cats. Quality is the key. There are a few oils to use more caution or to avoid and we are working on that list. But choosing oils is not as complicated and confusing as the internet sources circling claim. We have used oils on our farm felines with no adverse reactions. Bacteria B Gone, Basic First Aid, and B&W salve have been go-tos to heal wounds, scratches and the occasional wolf fly extractions. (Ever seen one? Check out our video coming soon!)

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