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Back To School Pack: Public, Private, Home school, and College

Here comes the set apart learning season. With cooler weather and closer quarters, cold, flu and stomach bugs spread more easily. Be prepared to avoid and quickly stop these uncomfortable viruses and bacteria in their tracks. Add to them some calming oils and focus inducing blends and you are on your way to optimizing your school year!

Back to School Pack

Peace and Tranquility: Facilitate calmness, relieve anxiety and encourage a good night’s sleep with this blend. Use topically, diffuse, or add to bath water. Send a roll on in your child’s back pack.

Memory Rescue- Improve concentration, focus and creativity by diffusing this blend during school or home work sessions. Send a roll on in your child’s back pack.

Plague Rescue-Boost immune systems with this blend. Use it topically, diffuse or make your own lozenges.

Respiratory Rescue and Lung Restore- Combat the sniffles and coughs quickly with these blends. Alternate blends until you get a sense for which one is the most effective for the virus/bacteria you are up against. Use topically, diffuse at bath time and bed time.

Digestion Rescue-Nip digestion issues in the bud with this versatile blend. Helps constipation, motion sickness and stomach virus. Use topically, inhalation or internally.

5ml of each oil blend listed above: $40.00

15ml of each oil blend listed above: $110.00

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