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Does Your Frankincense Contain Boswelic Acids?

We are very excited and pleased to now carry Frankincense boswellia freanea besides our popular boswellia carteri. There is a lot of valuable research out there citing the ability of frankincense of all species to combat inflammation, work as an immunostimulant, antidepressant and to heal the body’s imbalance that makes cancer cells a problem.

In spite of our experiential evidence and feedback from others that pushed us to make freanea available, we were recently made aware of an online article claiming it’s inferiority. (We appreciated the individual that shared this with us because it was demonstrating that they are taking responsibility in researching their own information and how it applies to her family! We all should be doing this!) It made us dig into the credibility of the information as it was so opposite than our experiences. Many resources we found cite the opposite information than the article presented to us.

The article in question cited that the powerful part of frankincense carteri to be boswelic acids which they go on to say freanea does not contain. It is true that frankincense freanea resin as far as we know does not contain boswellic acids. It is true that frankincense carteri does contain them. It is true that boswelic acids have been a researched component in killing cancerous cells. However, according to our distiller boswellic acids are molecularly too heavy to extract via steam or hydro distillation and into the essential oil final product. This would make it a mute point on whether or not freanea has boswellic acids if the essential oil of carteri can not possibly contain them either.

Tisserand states, “Incidentally, almost all of the research on frankincense and cancer is on the extract, which contains boswellic acid, and not the essential oil, which does not. Frankincense extracts contain around 50% boswellic acid, which is a widely-studied antitumoral agent.”

That means intrinsically frankincense of both species have value that goes beyond boswellic acid components.

Furthermore, an article we read cited a study in which frankincense was used to study melanoma in horses. Again, it credits boswellic acids as the powerful healing factor but the interesting thing about this study is that our distiller was a part of contributing both species of frankincense essential oil. The boswellic acids could not possibly be the attribute that was the most effective if freanea does not contain it. And further, since the molecular structure of boswellic acids are too heavy, I will reiterate, it is a mute point anyway. Additionally, both species of essential oil were effective yet the freanea appeared to work more aggressively and more quickly. We are still waiting on feedback from the doctor who conducted the study.

We know people who have used frankincense essential oil to combat tumors, skin cancer, etc. We are not saying it is not possible to be part of a successful holistic approach. We are simply trying to point out that boswellic acids are not the only possible responsible component.

In conclusion, we value both of these essential oils as similar siblings with slightly different strengths and the “why” of those powerful components are yet to be fully discovered. I believe that each person will respond to different EO’s complimentary to their own needs as there exists an intelligent design embedded in the EO and in our unique cellular makeup. Our bodies, emotions and backgrounds may require different sequences and differing oils. This personal protocol can even shift from needing one set of holistic needs to another and back over a period of hours, days, weeks or months. We need to be sensitive and aware to what our body’s are saying and asking for so we can accommodate the shifts it is requesting.

As a bonus, if you would like to add boswellic acids in your daily regiment, we now offer frankincense boswellia sacra resin. It is believed that the resin, brewed like an infusion to be drunk, may contain the sought after boswellic acids. It has been a traditional drink in middle eastern countries for all ages. At my questioning, our supplier only recommends that a pregnant mama avoid it in the first three months. In their culture, mamas use it throughout pregnancy (in moderation) beyond the first trimester with the belief that it builds baby’s brain and supports the immune system of the mama and baby. Of course, we have to recommend that you do your own research and take responsibility for your health and what you believe is best! To my knowledge there has been no data to confirm the safety in pregnancy.

Does resin negate the value of frankincense essential oil? Absolutely not, in our minds! It is well documented that every herb has value reflected differently as a tea, infusion, tincture, essential oil, poultice, etc. Different components are often extracted with the different methods making it more desirable in one form or another for various reasons.

We would be happy to receive feedback and information you may have to counter or support these thoughts. We would be pleased to hear your own experiences and opinions. We are continuing to dig and learn more but these are just some of the candid thoughts we have come up with to date. Consider them with the perspective that we are letting you in on our learning journey that we still have our own questions we are seeking full answers to.

Blessings, Sears family

PS As a caveat I also want to mention that as perhaps the most feared disease of our time, there is more than one way to heal from cancer. Having a qualified natural doctor who can monitor your progress and adjust your protocol as your body needs it is of utmost value. Having a protocol that you connect with and can be faithful to adhere to is important. Real food, good water, cleansing, emotional and spiritual release, herbs, oils, supplementation all have a role to play in complete healing. I believe YHWH (God) is able to direct our steps and still heals miraculously but sometimes He uses other means. I have seen both. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. He sees a bigger picture we can not and it’s always intended for His glory. He is faithful and He is good. It doesn’t mean the journey is always easy but if we trust Him the burden will be light.

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