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Handcrafted, Locally Sourced Beeswax Candlesticks and Candles

Did you know that pure beeswax candles purify the air? Unlike scented fragrance candles made from petroleum or soy, beeswax emits ions that bind with particles in the air. This bond makes them fall to the ground, cleansing the air you are breathing! These candles are purposefully absent from toxic artificial fragrances BUT they are naturally scented. Their rich warm honey & beeswax aroma has been filling my senses!

While we carry our locally sourced round beeswax candles year around, these candlesticks are in stock from a TN artisan who lives a little over an hour from us. They are handcrafted, hand dipped from 100% pure beeswax that is mostly locally sourced. For a limited time, you can order these candles with (or without) any essential oil order for 6.50/pair. The round nearly 4oz candles are 4.50. For the 4oz candles specify which style: the classic glass mason jar or our new glass hexagon or tin with a clear lid.

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