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Earache's Be Gone!

Here are our favorite tips for kicking any earache! Choose from what you have on hand and what is applicable to your needs.

For relief and healing choose from the following:

Earache Rescue- To relieve pain and facilitate drainage, apply several drops on a cotton ball and gently place just inside the ear being careful not to push it into the ear canal. We do not suggest putting drops of EO directly into the ear. May also use with lympathic massage technique suggested below. Sleep propped up to facilitate drainage.

Pain Rescue- To relieve pain, dilute and use around the ear and/or with lympathic massage technique suggested below

Lymphatic massage: We love this technique with the essential oil blends listed above:

Lavender, tea tree and frankincense are also favorite choices.

Hydrotherapy- This was introduced to us by a local chiropractor and has been the most effective technique for getting rid of chronic painful earaches. The first go around comes with some protesting for those experiencing it. By the second round however the relief is so great that it is well received.


Water as warm as the person can stand it and without the threat of scalding their skin!

Water that is quite cold and in contrast to the warm water.

Two wash cloths, one in each basin of water.


Apply the warm wash cloth first to the painful ear for three minutes. Exchange it for the cold was cloth for thirty seconds. Repeat for a total of three cycles. This is usually sufficient to give genuine relief. It may be repeated however as often as necessary. The most we have ever had to use this technique was twice in a row. We use it in conjunction with oils and/or immune system boosting tips above.

For internal immune system support to use in conjunction with the above remedies:

Vitamin C

Echinacea tincture or tea

Astragulus tincture or tea

Minced garlic in olive oil

Ginger tea

Super tonic

Chiropractic adjustments!!

*Consider diffusing oil blends such as Respiratory Rescue, Congestion Rescue and Lung Restore for getting rid of respiratory infections correlating with earaches.

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