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Hydrosols (aka hydrolates or essential waters) 101

Updated 3.21.2021

For several decades there has been a strong return to more natural and lasting approaches to health care for many of us. Historically used for thousands of years, hydrosols, like essential oils, are making a bold return into holistic health practices. There are farmers and distillers that have remained dedicated to preserving recipes and hydrolate making processes, in essence holding space for the rest of us to return. We have been pleased to get to know some of these farmers and distillers over the last 10 years that have been committed to returning to these roots and are passionate about quality. We are excited to be able to offer these fine hydrolates to you. We are currently carrying Rosemary, Frankincense, Lavender and Helichrysum.

We have put together two short videos to give you a synopsis of hydrolates:

What are hydrosols?

What makes a quality hydrosol?

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