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Berry Hydrating Rose Hydrosol Drink


Easy to make, equally refreshing, gentle enough to drink daily, powerful enough to offer therapeutic value...

Rose Hips Hydrosol historically has been prized as a hormone and endocrine system balancer, stress reducing, emotional processing herbal water. It's believed to help you feel valued and that goes a long way in self acceptance and as an anti depressant.

Summer is here, berries are ripe and here is one of our favorite ways to utilize the best of the season and the benefits of Rose Hips Hydrosol.

Berry Hydrating Rose Hydrosol Drink

1 pint of coconut water, carbonated mineral water or good regular water

1/3 cup of berries, frozen or fresh

1/2-1 tsp Rose Hip Hydrosol

*Sweetener to taste if desired

*Pinch of real salt, himalyan pink salt or persian blue salt if using regular water & needing extra hydration (opt)

Place berries and water of choice in a pint jar together. Infuse them for a minimum of one hour in the refrigerator.

Add the remaining ingredients.

To a healthy and happy summer! ENJOY!

Order Rose Hip Hydrosol here:

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