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For years we have given a portion of your order sales in the form of oils to anyone needing emotional support due to traumatic life experiences. 70% of people

experience some sort of trauma at least once in their life and 20% of those develop PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder. 70-80% of women will experience the baby blues and 10-15% clinical postpartum depression. We know first hand the power of feeling supported and the hopelessness of feeling unsupported, journaling, learning healthy self care practices and utilizing essential oils to help support, cope with, recover and rewrite traumatic experiences and triggers that resurface during times of vulnerability. While we certainly don't have all the answers we are empathetic and we place a lot of value on awareness and helping others in what little ways we are able.

We are making our passion to support others more public in order to bring advocacy and awareness to those who otherwise feel forgotten, shamed and unworthy. There are three ways you can directly or indirectly help.

1. You can choose to auto ship or one time ship essential oils or hydrosols for emotional support to someone you know in need. You can choose what you want shipped. You can do this anonymously or we can put your name on a note! We will give you 10% off any order that you designate for someone in need of emotional support. 2. Know that when you place any order, we automatically give back a portion of sales to those in need and distribute them as we are made aware of them. 2. If you know of someone in genuine need, we will add them to our Hope andHealing Project list at your request. We will put them on our prayer list and ship them oils as they are available through the orders you and others make. All information and names remain private. We never share your info or the info of others!

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