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Essential oils for hard seasons...

Do you struggle emotionally to overcome a traumatic experience? Are you in the middle of a difficult season? Have you experienced any level of deep loss? A loved one, a marriage, a hope, expectations?

Lavender, Frankincense, Orange and Ylang Ylang are the top PTSD and trauma support essential oils. These blends each have at least one of those oils meant to help support and enable a person to process through traumatic events.

Essential oils empower you to be able to e​mbrace some self care. Essential oils do not magically whisk it all away. They are a powerful tool to support you through the process of healing. They can diminish the intensity of the symptoms. They help neurotranmitters fire in the brain, release memories on a cellular level and give a boost to overall mood and ability to process. In a nutshell, they hold space and offer strength to allow you to work through and overcome the hard things in front of you. On a physiological level they support the thyroid, adrenals, hormone production, gut health, are anti inflammatory, anti viral and anti bacterial. These are all aspects that can affect complete healing.

When working through traumatic experiences each person has different needs. What you may need one day may differ from another. Usually there are a few that you go back and forth between. Start by choosing 2-3 that resonate w you and incorporate them into your daily use depending on how you feel that day. This requires you to be self aware of your needs on a very basic level. You don’t need all the answers.

Are you unsure of what to try?Are you feeling down, low energy, depressed? Citrus Lift. Are you feeling stuck, guarded, bitter or angry? Forgiveness or Let Go...Let God. Are you needing to find acceptance for the process, for yourself, accepting love and worth for yourself? Try Acceptance. Are you have trouble sleeping? Insomnia Rescue. Are you in between grief and finding life again? Try Thrive!

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