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Sun Kissed Skin

We have benefited from it's effectiveness for years. Today I wanted to put the Sun Kissed Skin to the test in an official post. The white spot is where I applied Sun Kissed Skin and the slightly burnt skin is where I did not. Normally at a 9 rating on the D minder, I only stay unexposed for 25-30 minutes in the early spring. Today I stayed out for just over an hour to show the effectiveness of this natural cream.

What are you using that is pure and natural to be more sun savvy? Get the vitamin D your body needs for strong bones, immune system support and improved mood. Skip the chemicals that are not good for frying into your skin (the most absorbent organ of your body!)

PS Now that I’ve proven my point, I’ll use some All Things Skin please on that reddened flesh, thank you!

PPS As will all natural creams, apply often, use wisdom in the sun and stay hydrated!

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