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People's Paste for the Hobby Farm

Hadassah hatched her first ducklings nearly two years ago. We are still gathering eggs from the six beautiful adults that now have become a part of our small hobby farm.

This year a friend was interested in some ducklings and she decided to hatch again. She takes this responsibility seriously and uses a basic manual incubator. The first ducking emerged Friday morning. Three more hatched Saturday morning. Two never pipped and it doesn’t look promising. One pipped but couldn’t emerge and perished. This is not entirely uncommon when incubating ducks. Ducklings must hatch themselves to survive and are more difficult than chicken eggs.

But one duckling upon emerging, for some reason was bleeding at the cord site. We’ve never had a duck hemorrhage. People’s Paste came to mind-what did we have to lose?(We have successfully used it on dogs and cows in the past.) Picking up the duckling and still attached shell, simultaneously, we sprinkled People’s Paste on the site of the blood. It stopped the bleeding instantly. We gingerly set it down and let it finish whatever it is nature has intended for them to do. The cord attachment slowly dried up and he was able to detach from his shell completely. I’m happy to announce the duckling is thriving 24 hours later!

From people to animals, digestion to bleeding, People's Paste has been one herbal hero in our hour of herbal needs!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to take the place of a qualified doctor. Please seek medical advice in every emergency.

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