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We Got You Covered. Pun Intended.

Why do we often share a blend or recipe? We WANT you to BE successful! We realize that no one can do everything. We have to stream line our lives to make time for the things that really matter to us. We share our experiences to simplify your search. Some people will want to DIY. Some people will just want the product. Here we offer you both options.

For optimal sun safety, I highly recommend a diet high in antioxidants, staying properly hydrated and using wisdom in the sun. The free app, D minder is a great tool towards understanding the angle of the sun at different parts of the day for where you live in the world. It goes further to capture your skin type information and give you suggested time limits based on the time of day/year that is safe for being exposed. I value my body's ability and inert need to make vitamin D from the skin. Vitamin D helps me with mood, strong bones, better immune function and is a cancer preventative. I allow myself plenty of safe sun time and only utilize a cream for prolonged use.

In this post: we put

this blend to the test. I stayed out longer than is wise for my skin type on purpose with some skin covered in cream and some not. I did not test how often this would need to be applied in an all day outdoor excursion. Every person is different. We recommend experimenting on days where your skin is not counting on you to know for sure what you will need ahead of time.

DIY Instructions

Warm the almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax in a double boiler or double boiler method. Once melted completely, stir in the zinc oxide until fully incorporated (being careful NOT to breathe it in!) When it is slightly cool but not solid add the vitamin E oil and desired essential oils. Pour immediately into glass containers and put a lid on them until they cool.

No time to DIY? We got you covered.

Pun intended.

More on zinc oxide:

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