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Five Surprising Ways to Use "Sun Kissed Skin"

When I travel or pack for a day trip, I am a minimalist at heart. We have a lot of people in our family and so that makes it even more paramount. But I like to be prepared to deal with issues while we are out naturally. There are so many things you can find at the last minute where ever you are- plantain, ginger, garlic, ACV are easily foraged for or found at any local store (if you are traveling). But I have essentials I tend to always bring with. One reason is because I care about quality and certain things just can not be found "anywhere" and necessarily be pure and potent. Secondly, I am thrifty. If there are things I use daily or often I don't want to purchase them on a trip when I have a stash at home.

Sun Kissed Skin has turned into one of the creams we grab due to it's versatility. Formulated for long days in the sun for extra protection, it turns out that it can be used for a plethora of other purposes due to the zinc oxide and essential oils. Here are some of our tried and true:

1. Heat rash and diaper rash cream- It is perfect JUST the way it is. You can add lavender and tea tree if you feel you are dealing with a yeast related rash but it may not be necessary.

2. Chigger bites- While prevention is the best advice we have and showering within two hours of exposure really helps, it turns out zinc oxide is the active ingredient in some popular pink anti itch lotions and gives relief to these persistent itchy's. You can add a drop of oregano or tea tree essential oil for a little extra relief.

3. Poison Ivy- While we are talking about itchy's, let's not leave out poison ivy! Again, prevention is the best tip and a shower with a lye based soap following exposure can help break up the offending oils that cause the rash. Heat applied to a rash once it surfaces seems to give a tremendous amount of relief (think hair dryer or running the affected area under hot water) and dry it up faster. Peppermint is what Adam pairs with his heat treatments for drying it up and making it feel better. Try adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to Sun Kissed Skin (also good for the itch) to super charge it.

4. Mosquito bites! Yes, it turns out Sun Kissed Skin is good for all things itchy and we are not going to leave out the classic mosquito bite. If a bug bite makes you swell, remember extra vitamin C drinks and Plague Rescue on the feet may also boost the immune system to speed up recovery!

5. Stinging Nettles- I brushed up against my new plants for the first time. In all my years of hiking as a park ranger, I have never had an issue with them. I just steered clear. But my nettles are in a pot and I needed to move them. One quick accidental brush by and wowee did I see how they got their name. I used hot water and soap per the normal recommendation but hours later I still was feeling the sting. Sun Kissed Skin to the rescue! Within minutes the relief was real and I ceased to have an issue.

BONUS: Warts- really? While the first four suggestions are tried and true for our family, this is the bonus tip that we currently putting to the test. Research says that many people can eliminate warts with zinc oxide. We have used frankincense successfully with vitamin C as a supplement to get rid of some warts. This makes Sun Kissed Skin with Frankincense already included perfect try to remove warts. Adding oregano may also be a consideration...diluted properly.

Keep all essential oils and products out of the reach of children. Do NOT use it near the eyes and other sensitive areas.

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