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Gifts for your loved ones are HERE!

Bath Bombs, fresh coffee, exclusive diffuser jewelry... you can not go wrong with one of these thoughtful gifts!

DIY Bath Bombs Release stress, improve sleep, kick the flu...Combine the detoxing ability of baking soda, the plethora of benefits associated with magnesium supplementation and the traditionally therapeutic uses of essential oils!

DIY instructions are here:

Or to order a set of four:

Freshly Roasted Coffee is a grand start to any morning. For me the biggest perk (pun intended) is to hold that warm mug, laughing, thinking, reading, discussing the Word and life around the table with my husband and children. Healthy coffee is always his game, the children love the hot cocoa and for me, whatever hits my mood from chaga to carob/dandelion to an occasional cup of Adam's freshly roasted. Now you can enjoy it too!

(must be ordered by 2/5/2020 to guarantee mail delivery, local pick up by 2/7/2020)

DIY Hot Cocoa This is so easy to make ahead. Choose your milk or milk alternative and you are on your way!

1 cup fair trade, organic cocoa

1 cup cane juice or sucanut

Mix well and package in your fav mason jar with festive embellishments as a gift.

Beard oil moisturizes, tames, reduces itchiness and gives a well groomed look. Treat your special man to the therapeutic benefits of added essential oils. While beard oil is actually to nourish the skin under the beard these are aromatic choices that linger as well in the beard itself. Aroma has the power to stimulate us to greatness emotionally and release toxic emotions on a cellular level. Essential oil particles are tiny enough to cross the blood brain barrier, possibly inciting a plethora of benefits.

Massage Oils- Appropriate touch is highly neglected as a whole in our culture and yet it is extremely critical from the development of young children and even to enhance marriage relationships. Why do you think massage is such a therapeutic business?! This massage series allows you to choose the blend you want for the right situation. "Snuggle With Me'" is a blend that we cherish using with our children on their feet and hands while "Intimacy" contains aphrodisiacs that relax and set a mood. You don't have to be a professional to rub someone's feet. The following blends are available as a set or in singles:

Handmade, o

ne of a kind, diffuser necklaces were made exclusively for L'Chaim Essential Oils by my one of a kind, master carpenter dad! For the month of February we will include a sample of the essential oil blend of your

choice with each diffuser necklace!

Hemp derived products also make great gifts! Contact us directly for ideas!

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