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Keep it Simple. Make it Effective.

My daughter was gifted the best face toner/wash I have ever used...straight out of Israel. It is not exactly easy to put on my reorder list. Soooo I of course have set out to DIY a similar mixture.

Normally I steer away from any face soaps as they tend to dry my skin or irritate it. This mixture was both pore tightening, cleansing and moisturizing. I have a small patch of dry skin on my face I get every year and only two things keep it away. One is my hemp cream and the other is this wash.

I already use "All Things Skin" hydrosol spray regularly and lavender is a leading ingredient in this spray and this infamous face wash. It seemed natural to start with this hydrosol blend as my base. I chose unscented Bronner's castile soap as the gentlest of soaps to use.

I found it challenging to find a glass foaming soap dispenser but alas, I have! They are available in our lcoal stores but I have included instructions below on how to make your own dispenser lid if you are so inclined.

Basic Face Wash

(pint jar/16 oz dispenser)

4 T unscented castile soap

3-4 oz All Things Skin Hydrosol

(or 1 each of Lavender Hydrosol, Helichrysum Hydrosol & Frankincense Hydrosol)

2-3 T aloe vera juice

10-20 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil

2 T glycerin (optional but works as a natural humecant to seal in moisture)

2 tsp of sweet almond oil

1/8 tsp of citric acid

Blend all the ingredients together except the hydrosol. This helps the essential oils incorporate well. Add the hydrosol and top with quality water. Close the lid tightly and gently rock the jar back and forth to mix the ingredients well. Do not shake it or you will have an internal sudsy mess!

For aging or blemished skin: Replace the sweet almond oil with avocado oil, add 1/4 c rose hydrosol, omit the Roman Chamomile essential oil.

For challenging acne or oily skin: Use only 10 drops of Roman Chamomile and add 10 drops of Lavender and 10 drops of Tea Tree essential oils. You may exchange the sweet almond oil for rosehip seed oil if you wish.

Many essential oils are highly anti bacterial, anti viral, anti microbial. Instead of destroying the healthy microbiome on your skin like chemical soaps, it encourages them to stay intact & flourish while eliminating the bad. You need the healthy microbiome JUST AS MUCH if not more than the need to destroy the "bad" to protect your body. Blends like "Bacteria B Gone" (includes the top anti bacterial essential oils) and "Plague Rescue" ("Thieves" like blend) are easy additions to any hand soap. Simple combinations like Tea Tree, Spearmint & Peppermint or a blend like "Citrus Lift" can also give a fresh aroma and still offer superior immune support.

Basic Hand Soap

(pint or 16 oz dispenser)

4 T castile soap

1/2 tsp carrier oil (ex. sweet almond oil)

20 drops essential oils of choice

Mix well to incorporate the essential oils. Top off the jar with quality water. Close the lid tightly and gently rock the jar back and forth to mix the ingredients well. Do not shake it or you will have an internal sudsy mess!

IF you are so inclined, you might find this tutorial on how to make your own dispenser lid useful. I have not made it myself and I would certainly need to be sure that my pump dispenser was securely fastened to the lid as a more kid friendly version but I thought it seemed like a legit idea! If you try it, I would love to hear your feedback!

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