Coconut Oil- This carrier oil as a base does not go rancid like others. Alone it is so good for the skin with it's antimicrobioal properties that have been studied to fight infection and support healthy microbiome. It is supports the reduction of inflammation.

Echinacea-A top immune system support herbs and a favorite to combat the flu, echinacea also supports relieving pain.

Yarrow- Traditionally used for faster wound recovery, it is also immune supportive and helps fight infection. It has been known to help mastitis.

Plantain-Consists of certain epidermal growth factor, which enables to speed the healing of minor wounds and bruises. It is also traditionally used to soothe bug bites and stings.

Comfrey- This is an all purpose bone and tissue support herb that is almost essential to any salve blend. It has been known to speed healing of wounds, healing from the outside in and is why we avoid using it on deep puncture wounds.

Aloe Vera- Has been studied to show it can accelerate wound healing, reduce inflammation and offer antioxidant support

Calendula-It is believed that this herb supports wound healing by improving circulation to the area and helping vital nutrients to become more available for cellular repair.

Shea Butter-Rich in antioxidants and vitamins that are known to nourish the skin and reduce scarring, promotes the renewal of cells and supports collagen production

Tea Tree Essential Oil- antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimircrobial

Lavender Essential Oil-slightly analgesic, soothing, calming, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial

Peppermint Essential Oil-analgesic, soothing, anti inflammatory


These herbs are in a coconut oil & shea butter base. It is perfect for most applications. Occasionally I have found I want it to be a bit thicker (like B&W) and so I will mix some with some pure lanolin before applying.


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