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Aroma/Taste: dry, warm, herbaceous


Shelf Life: 2 years

Therapeutic Value:

*strong antihemotoma but less analgesic than the EO

*anti-inflammatory, mild analgesic


Ways to Use:

*Apply as a compress to bumps, old aches, bruises

*Use as a sports rub after physical labor or workout

*Use helichrysum hydrosol in synergy with helichrysum EO for long term healing of broken bones particularly when there is a lot of bruising and swelling

*Use postsurgical to speed the healing of incisions, reduce swelling and bruising and detoxify the liver of anesthetic

*Use for cleaning and healing tattoos or body piercings

*Use as a mouthwash after dental work, for gingivitis or receding gums. Use neat or 50:50 with water.  2x/day. Pairs well with Frankincense hydrosol. 

*Scars, stretch marks, old scar tissue, keloids


Scar Recipe:

Pair with frankincense hydrosol


Spritz hydrosol onto scar and apply the following EO blend while it is still moist:

2.5 ml EO helichrysum

2.5 carrier oil rose hip seed

5 ml carrier oil hazelnut


Follow the hyrdrosol with our Scar EO Blend


Helichrysum Hydrosol

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