Kombucha is a fermented probiotic, antioxidant drink that has a slight but sweeter ACV taste to some plus the added flavors of whatever you add to it! (Ginger, grape, pineapple 🍍, beets, even cacao or coffee...the combos are endless really. ) It boasts to be antibiotic resistant, to protect the stomach lining and reduce inflammation. It can reduce liver toxicity caused by chemicals in some case by up to 70%. The #1 most researched probiotic, s.boulardii is found in kombucha. The probiotics and beneficial yeasts and bacteria are transient (like a lot of fermented foods) meaning you need to consume a little bit every day to fully benefit. Because they are known to bond with harmful pathogens (like E. coli & salmonella), keeping them from attaching to your intestinal lining, being transient flushes the “bad guys” right out! It’s inexpensive to make abd difficult to mess up. It doesn’t need daily attention like water keifer or milk keifer and you consume smaller amounts at a time anyway. Who needs a kombucha start??? 🙌.

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