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Aroma/Taste: floral, sweet scent with additional strong honey overtone that is deeper than the essential oil, soapy sweet and most people like it blended or sweetened


Shelf Life: 2+ years


Ways to Use:

*Skin care, regenerative for damaged or fragile skin

*Calms sunburn, heat rash, sunstroke, bug bites, rashes and itching

*Clean cuts and scrapes

*Add to bathwater or spritz bed for facilitating calmness

*Use to clean baby’s bottom, combine with chamomile for diaper rash, add to baby’s bath

*Combine with geranium, clary sage or rose and use as a cold or hot compress for abdomen & back for cramps and PMS

*Combine with peppermint or sage for hot flashes

*Use in colonics to soothe an irritated bowel

*Use undiluted as a compress on neck, shoulders and forehead for headaches, tension and stress.

Lavender Hydrosol

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