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This basic blend of powdered herbs made popular by the book "Ten Essential Herbs" is a must have for your first aid kit. It boasts to pull together cuts and minimizes scars. Antibacterial, naturally antibiotic like, tissue healing and soothing.


Slippery Elm powder: anti inflammatory, soothing action (demulcdent), contains tissue building proteins, mucilaginous


Myrrh powder: Powerful antiseptic, digestive aid, expectorant, mild stimulant, known to break up gas, encourages tissues to heal. 


Oregon Grape Root powder: This is a more sustainable responsible herb choice than the endangered goldenseal powder. Powerful antibiotic action, high in alkaloid berberine. Berberine historically has been used to reduce inflammation, soothe rashes, slow abnormal cell growth. It has been used traditionally to combat diarrhea from bacterial issues and is supposedly no match for e coli. 


Comfrey Powder added per request at no additional charge. 


People's Paste can be used dry, added to raw honey, aloe vera or even water...choosing the application that best suits you. We have used it on wounds from knife cuts, abrasions and rashes with amazing success. We do not recommend using it on puncture wounds. Puncture wounds can be very, very deep and harbor bacteria that must be cleansed or pulled out first. People's Paste is highly anti bacterial however the depth of the puncture wound may not allow it to work at that level before the skin begins to heal. 


(*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to take the place of your doctor!) Oregon grape is counter indicated for people with Raynaud’s disease or on anti anxiety drugs.  Large amounts of this herb is not reccommended (or required) as the tannins can cause stomach upset. Pregnant or nursing women should only use People's Paste under the advise of a qualified health specialist.Discontinue use of People's Paste if allergic reactions occur.

People's Paste

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