Bumblefoot is associated with unsanitary conditions, bacteria growth in the cage, dietary issues or wire running wheels.  We blended this first for our hamster's bumblefoot issue associated with his wire wheel.  However, these oils are good for a wide range of animals including horses, dogs, cats (diluted further), ducks, etc. The oils in this blend are also great immune system boosters as well.  If additional natural antibiotics are necessary, research thoroughly as some EOs are toxic to these animals. 


Ingredients: Frankincense (b carterri or b freanea) & Cobiabia in an base of fractionated coconut oil EOs are 3%. Dilute further if necessary.  Adding 4-5 drops of lavender/1oz is a wonderful addition for most applications. We have added a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper to the blend when applying it to ducks who were picking on one of their nest mates.  

Pet Anti Inflammator