True to its origin, this new crop organic Maubesse is deep, full and well-rounded. Dark cocoa notes with a buttery richness and just a touch of that wildness that is the hallmark of Timor coffees. It has a long finish with just a touch of florals. Being a Star Wars fan, I like to think of this coffee as a Nicaraguan that's gone over to the dark side. In the case of the Timor Maubesse, however, that would be a good thing.


Each batch of coffee is mailed or delivered within 24 hours of being freshly roasted. The beans arrive ready to grind and use. This ensures that you are getting the optimal health and flavor benefits. It is best used within 7-10 days to obtain these benefits. 


4 week subscriptions include one 1/2 pound or one full pound/week for 4 weeks. Shipping is included.