Quality Matters

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Four important aspects of choosing quality essential oils and hydrosols: 

1. Essential oils and hydrosols should be distilled from plants that are USDA Certified Organic, wildcrafted, ecologically ethical. As our website is completed we will list one of these for each oil and hydrosol. We will also cite the country and method of distillation. If you have any questions before the website is complete, feel free to contact us! 

Every essential oil and hydrosol listed as organic has been grown, harvested, distilled and handled according to certifying standards of USDA/NOP or similiar governing authority appopriate for the country they are from. (For example, our tea tree and eucalyptus are certified by Australian Organic authorities.) 

Ecologically ethical/biodynamically farmed essential oils come from farms that are committed to being chemical and pesticide free. The are organic quality but are not certified organic. In some developing countries there is not an organic certification process available. Biodynamic farmers are committed to naturally rotating and sustaining healthy soil practices that are in the long term healthier for everyone. 

Some of our essential oils are Wildcrafted, distilled from plants that grow in their natural habitat or ecosystem, far away from any pesticides or artificial fertilizers. These are often our favorite oils as they are grown in their natural habitat for their species. Some of our healthiest, finest oils and hydrosols worldwide come from wildcrafted herbs and native resins. 

Occasionally an oil is listed as conventionally farmed. They are selected from conventional farms only after a very careful screening process. 

2. Essential oils and hydrosols are steam distilled or hydrodistilled. The hydrosols that we offer are distilled with the therapeutic value of these essential waters in place. They are not cohabitated during distillation.  

Cohabitation means that the water passes through the plant material more than once during distillation. This is acceptable when distilling for essential oils only as the goal is the highest possible EO yield. But when you are distilling with the hydrosol in mind, you want some of the naturally suspended essential oil to remain and passing the water through the plant material multiple times removes it.

3. Gas chromatography analysis is performed on our essential oils to assure quality. 

4. Our essential oils and hydrosols come to you undiluted unless you are purchasing them as such for your convenience or as created in a salve, lotion bar, deodorant, etc. The only exceptions are Keep Me CALM and Realign. Any carrier oils are listed in the description of each.