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  • How To Make Hydrosols (And Why You Should Use Them!)

    When a hydrosol (sometimes called a hydrolate) is distilled properly it is a more complete picture of Frankincense Hydrosol *Internally, diuretic and very drying. Pairs well with Lavender Hydrosol for this purpose. This bowl collects the hydrosol. What are Hydrosols? 2.

  • How to Choose a Quality Hydrosol

    Hydrosols have been around for thousands of years but that doesn't mean they are distilled the same today It is important to know how to choose a quality hydrosol for therapeutic use. #hydrosol #biodynamic #chemicalfree

  • Frankincense Hydrosol for Pet Rodents

    Frankincense hydrosol is easy to add to their water to give them the potential to live a happier healthier Start with a spritz or two and build up as desired or recommended by your pet's vet. 1/2 tsp hydrosol #frankincense #hamster #rodent #pet #hydrosol

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