Menopause Help!!!

Everything I read about the pros of menopause included letting go of things I have loved about my life. I have loved the childbearing years. It does not make me instantly feel better to dwell on the perks of what I am leaving behind. However, there is a cultural shift that we need to make for the beauty of a new season, menopause included. If you are perimenopausal or menopausal I encourage you to explore your misconceptions about this time in your life. If you have a sense of loss or grief over the shift, allow yourself to feel that and move through it. If you feel uncertain and unsure because of the unknowns, let's research, read and explore together. If unpleasant symptoms have surfaced let's see it as a thermometer to finding healthier balance in the body towards health. Let's make perimenopause and menopause a springboard into a new season full of promise instead of just trying to survive.

Have you heard me emphasize gut health before? If you have been following me for long, you know it is important! Your endocrine system needs to be able to flush toxins from your body and absorb nutrients well in order to function at it's best. Check out some of our blog posts on why fermented foods are important and why you should be making bone broths. Of particular importance for hormone health are healthy fats, a clean diet and real food. While some get relief from the practical tips below, I can not say enough about simultaneously decreasing unnecessary inflammation in the body and improving gut health by consuming real foods and processed foods void of nutrients.

Hot Flashes

Use 5 drops of Keep Me CALM Essential Oil Blend to 1 tsp of carrier oil. Massage daily over abdomen. In addition, use topically as needed. Consider using this blend along the temples, back of the neck and on the feet.

Some women benefit from evening primrose oil as a supplement according to Rachel Weaver and Valerie Wormwood. Our doctor is partial to fermented cod liver oil.

Emotional Support

Heightened emotions can come with the territory but you don't have to let them consume you.

Use 5 drops of Keep Me CALM or Days of Purification: Acceptance to 1 tsp of carrier oil. Use them as a daily all body massage or keep in a roll on bottle to use as needed.

Use 5 drops of Keep Me CALM or Days of Purification: Acceptance in a nasal inhaler, on diffuser jewelry or in your essential oil diffuser to reap the benefits aromatically throughout the day. Use the nasal inhaler as needed. Use your diffuser for 5-10 minutes a time several times a day.

Quality CBD is supportive to reduce high functioning anxiety, regular anxiety, depression and improve mood.

Bloating and Digestive Issues

Use 5 drops of DigestEase Essential Oil Blend to 1 tsp of carrier oil. Massage daily in abdominal area and lower back. Consider using 5 drops in an epsom salt bath 3-5 times a week.

Better Sleep

Moderately exercise during the day. You need this for mental health, bone health and hormone health.

Walk barefoot in the summer and enjoy the sunshine. This is called grounding and the sun helps your body produce vitamin D naturally.

One drop of Insomnia Support on the big toe before bed.

Consider using 5 drops in an epsom salt bath 3-5 times a week an hour or so before bed.

Limit electronics several hours before bed. If you must, consider using blue light glasses.

Quality CBD is highly supportive in studies to improve sleep (which affects mood and hormone health).

Sources: Dr Josh Axe, Valerie Wormwood, Kurt Schnaubalt and Rachel Weaver