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   When our oldest was nine months old, Adam had a deep desire to work from home and more closely with his children.  He had lived his lifelong dream of being a Law Enforcement (LE) Park Ranger with the National Park Service but it had caused him to spend more time away from his children than with them. In addition to LE, he served as a K9 handler, EMT, Firearms instructor, CPR/First Aid instructor & wildland firefighter. He felt a need to adjust his time. 

   After five more years of surrendering that vision to the Father’s timing, will, and refinement, we finally got the green light for Adam's retirement August 2011 and a move to TN in October 2011.  In January 2012 we launched L’Chaim Essential Oils. After the five year required break after retirement, he returned to teaching CPR/Basic First Aid in the spring of 2017. He has been an instructor for over 15 years in various emergency service topics. 

Adam, Danielle,

Hadassah (13), Rebekah (11), Hannah Joy (9),

Rhema Hope (7), Caleb (5), Joshua Shalom (3), Jonathan David (pictured as newborn, now 1)

Whether you have used essential oils and natural alternatives for decades or you are just beginning to transfer your family to a more natural lifestyle, we are here to encourage you in that mindset. It is a different way of thinking that with time becomes second nature. You begin to see the body as a whole and how to treat symptoms and systems.  For some it is an easy transition but for others it takes more time for the body to reorient itself to how it is supposed to work and respond.  

We know you want to have a healthy family.  We do too. We loved essential oils but not the prices that came with buying them from multi-level marketing companies.  So when Adam retired we decided to begin researching where to find 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils and hydrosols  that we could feel good about offering you (and use on our own children!) We made a list of our basic essentials that we like to always have on our shelves and that we were very familiar with. This birthed our basic 12 essential oils that are meant to address a wide range of every day needs in addition to a plethora of not so common needs. Even as time goes one and we add new delectable oils to our list, our classic basics stand the test of time. 

From one happy, healthy family to another, 

The Sears Family