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Hello! We are LChaim Essential Oils!

Fierce mama to 7, prayer intercessor, birth advocate and healthy food conisuer...


My husband and I started LChaim Essential Oils in 2013 when he retired from being a federal park ranger. It all started with us working alongside some friends running their farm based small local CSA in the rural areas of TN and taking it to  Nashville. We grew by word of mouth and it created a need for an online platform. A tragic accident, an unexpected flip in relationship and God's faithfulness through it all has brought the children and I to this place you now find us... same great products with a new website and in a new location. We are glad you are here. 


My prayer is that you will find relatable content here to do life healthier and happier mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Welcome to L'Chaim... to life! 

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Danielle Sears

Co Founder and Mama Warrior

Zane AKA Tiny Dog

Resident Pet Snack Quality Control Specialist


The glue that holds us together.

Contact info: Prayer

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