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Grounded is a blend of vetiver and copabia essential oils. 


Vetiver is known for it's assitance to relieve anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, emotional trauma and infection fighting abilities.

Copabia is known for it's high levels of BCP and it's ability to help activate the enndocannabinoid system. It is also known for its infection fighting ability and activation of the endocrine system. Many people see relief from pain and inflammation by using copabia topically. (See more below)


Add lavender for a floral balancing aroma and additional relaxation.

Add Bergamot or Orange for additional mood improvement and positive energy for your day. 


I believe that God gives us different ways to activate our enndocannbinoid system for different reasons science has not yet discovered. Each of these components ( omega 3 fats, plant based BCP's) may work in similar ways but also slightly different ways!! I want to layer my use of these for optimal benefits and greater activation of one of the most important discoveries of the past few decades, the enndocannbinoid system! *


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