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Every year we recommend "Garlic Salve" and share this recipe.

However, we know time is just as valuable to you as having clean products for your health...

and some people we requested that we make this for them! We have added frankincense and lavender for extra goodness and vitamin E for longer shelf life. It is still considered safe for all ages since these are baby safe oils when diluted properly. (It can be diluted further if needed and applied only to the feet for those with sensitive skin.) 

So for all you DIYers, here is your recipe reminder. For those who are too busy with other life, here is a little gifted help. 


Ingredients: Cold pressed garlic in EVOO, Refined Organic Coconut Oil, Frankincense & Lavender Essential Oils, Non GMO Vitamin E oil, local beeswax

Garlic Salve

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