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Garlic Salve Recipe

We didn't know Caleb had RSV at first. All I heard was a baby with a lot of congestion and a cough that surfaced on and off that I didn't like the sound of. Most of us know that babies eliminate congestion and mucous through their bowels, as they are unable to cough it up. I applied diluted essential oils liberally day and night every time he nursed. I alternated with the Garlic Salve blend from Rachel Weaver's book, "Be Your Own Doctor". I can only describe with great awe how much mucous I found in his diapers- "handfuls"! After four weeks of this regiment we were visiting a pediatrician friend who overheard the tail end of a little cough as the night time air was setting in. He commented that "That's an RSV cough if I've ever heard one and we've had several cases coming through the office lately." We were able to confidently say he was almost over the whole ordeal.

This has worked well for us countless times. We are not here to replace the advice of your doctor BUT if you are anything me, you like to know your options...and tried and true ones at that! These ingredients are inexpensive and besides the quality essential oils in this recipe, you can turn your grocery store into an herbal apothecary by finding the main ingredients there.

What a blessing it is to be able to recognize the body's need for support and accommodate it's needs. Herbs and oils are meant to strengthen your system and assist it in the work it is trying to do! Being cognizant of what is occurring and diligent to be consistent is a key component to using natural support.

Garlic Salve Recipe is as follows:

1/3 c coconut oil

2 T olive oil

7-8 cloves peeled garlic

3-5 drops lavender essential oil or Congestion Rescue blend (optional but ph, so useful!!)

Blend on high until liquified.

Strain. Poor into a small wide mouth jar and refrigerate. Use liberally. If the strength of the garlic causes a rash, dilute further with more oil! We often use it on the feet with socks before bed or topically on the chest.

*From Rachel Weaver, herbalist & midwife

*Pic caption: When grandpa is a carpenter and makes a drawing come to life at the request of a young boy, you might get a dinosaur.

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