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Avocado Cilantro Lime Salad Dressing

The one thing every diet says you need to be sure to consume more of is... vegetables! Plant food is life food. What you eat is what feeds your cellular health and affects literally all aspects of your body! Herbs are my second favorite addition for their variety of ongoing immune support that is easy to incorporate once you get into the groove. Spring greens, herbs and avocados are a daily side dish here in TN these days. A friend and I fell for this cilantro lime avocado dressing over a decade ago and we have been making it ever since! I wanted to share it you to tantalize your taste buds and sneak in those herbs, healthy fats and super veggies!

Why avocados?

*Technically a fruit, high in healthy fats and low in carbs. The monounsaturated fats are heart healthy and help balance hormones, blood sugar and is thought to be brain food for babies as a first food.

*Nutrient dense containing this impressive list:

Vitamins K, E, B5, B6, C



and small amounts of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, iron, phosphorous, zinc, iron, magnesium, manganese & copper


*Rich in fiber, 25% of the fiber is known as soluble and feeds healthy gut microbiome (and you know I am all about that!)

*Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble meaning they need the good fats to be properly absorbed. Thank you green friend for including fat with your vitamins!

*High in antioxidants!

Do you know how to choose an avocado? My number one fail proof tip for choosing an avocado that is not brown and gross inside is to pick off the little stem on the top. If it is green, your avocado is good. If it is brown underneath it is very iffy.

Cilantro, garlic and lime make great companions to avocados. Immune supportive, Dr Rawls suggests using a variety of herbs to help support the body in resisting the bacteria associated with lymes. (Hello summer!) Dr Josh Axe also mentions the value of using herbs as a lifestyle to support feeling healthier. Cilantro has been documented to bind with heavy metals in the body that can disrupt a person's health. (I love fermenting with cilantro!) Cilantro has a lot of complimentary vitamins and minerals that avocados boast of and we eat it for many of the same reasons. It supports reducing inflammation and improving digestion!

Salad dressing is just plain yummy and if you like avocados, I will be surprised if this one does not become one of your favorites as well! (PS We have lots of other summertime avocado recipes to peruse if you are looking for fresh ideas!)

Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing

2 avocados, seeds removed and scooped out of the skin

a generous handful of cilantro

1-2 garlic cloves, minced

1 small lime, juiced

salt and pepper to taste

1 T of honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup (optional)

Splash of raw, organic apple cider vinegar

Pinch of cayenne or minced jalapeno pepper (optional)

Blend all ingredients on high in your food processor or blender. Add small amounts of liquid until it reaches the desired consistency and smoothness. (Examples of liquid to use are water, water keifer, kombucha.)

In my picture above you can also see that I chose to sneak in some foraging greens (chickweed) and green onions. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Other avocado recipes:

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