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How to Have a Happy Father's Day...not Farter's Day

"Mama, Happy Farter's Day is coming!" My 5yo candidly threw out there the other day. I’d like to say it's only because he's having trouble making his “th” sound that it sounded this way. But the 9yo tried to correct him by saying “It’s NOT farters day.” He retorted “It IS farters day! It is!!” Can I help that having boys instigated a revival in elementary school level laughter over bodily functions? 🤦‍♀️#notmyfault

With a little planning, you can have healthy picnic style food and avoid the farters day part of Father’s Day. 3 favorite recipes are:

Fermented Coleslaw

BBQ Beans

Sprouted Lentil Salad

Healthiest Fermented Coleslaw: Plain sauerkraut or Mexican kraut both make good coleslaw but so does fermenting carrots and cabbage. If you don't have kraut in your fridge now, you can a quick batch in the next couple days to be ready in time for Father’s Day! See the full instructions for fermented kraut here:

See the coleslaw recipe here:

No toot BBQ Beans: Soak your bag of beans overnight in water. Drain in a colander and then set over a bowl. Cover the bowl loosely with a towel. 2-3 times a day rinse the beans in cool fresh water and return the colander to the bowl and towel cover. Your beans will start to sprout! When they have 1/4-1/2 inch sprouts on them, cook them and use them in your favorite BBQ bean recipe. A good cheater sauce instead of homemade is a brand called “Bone Sucking Sauce”. Primal Kitchen also makes a good spicey ketchup that I like to add liquid smoke, molasses and honey to. No time to sprout beans? Add a generous pinch of baking soda to your bean soak stage and this can also eliminate a lot of farter day issues.

Sprouted Lentil Salad: Sprout lentils the same as the bean instructions above. Lentils sprout faster and we like to eat them raw instead of cooked. DIY your own salad with lentils as the base by adding cut veggies, fruits, cheese and even hard boiled eggs. Top it with our favorite salad dressing. The recipe is here:

Are you looking for good Father’s Day gifts? Try a Beard oil or fresh coffee!

Healthy freshly roasted coffee from @thewidowsofferingcoffeeco is now available on our LChaim website! Every bean purchase helps local widows. Microbiome supportive, emotionally supportive, smell good beard oil here:

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