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Bone Broth Dog Gummy Treats

Have you put much thought into your dog's diet? They need real food too! Our puppy had gut issues and anxiety from the get go. For nearly three years we have been tweaking his supplements and diet. Watching him thrive has been 💕. Consistency is key. Healing is just as possible for your furry friend as it is for you. They need some of the same things although tweaked in some instances. There easy things to start incorporating now:

1. Prebiotics & Probiotics (dog friendly ferments are absolutely appropriate). We will be sharing our top dog approved ferments in the near future. Think sauerkraut with herbs, veggies and fruits safe for your dog! Kombucha scoby jerky makes a really good treat!

2. CBD Your dog has an endocannabinoid system too. It regulates his/her homeostasis. They need cannabinoids just like you to help the entire body function well.

3. Bone broth-collagen gut healing supplementation. The bone broth gummies pictured are easy to make and super yummy. The pickiest dogs we know crave them!

4. Our exclusive "All Things Skin" hydrosol spray is the go to for all skin rashes, eye infections and minor first aid needs.

5. Brewers yeast, apple cider vinegar and garlic are great super foods to add to your dog's food daily. It provides digestive assistance, essential nutrients and extra immune support.

In experimenting with wholesome gut healing treats, Rebekah made these. She is looking forward to expanding this base idea with other herbs, ferment brine and pureed fermented slaws. Like most real food, once you have the basic idea down, the options are endless! You can follow us on IG @lchaimoils to get updates on her recipes as she develops them!

Bone Broth Dog Gummies

3/4 cup broth

2 T beef gelatin

1/8 turmeric or ginger

Warm up broth.

Blend all ingredients in blender until gelatin is mixed in, about one minute.

When blended, pour into molds and put the molds into the fridge.

They are done when they are firm.

Keep refrigerated.

Pic credit: Rebekah

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