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GF Angel Food Cake in a Crockpot

Hadassah wanted angel food cake for her birthday and I am still searching for a piece for my oven. We have been inspired to use our crockpot for many things lately and I figured, why not?

It not only worked, it was perfect. Bonus, there is no need to store an extra bundt pan in my cupboard for its only occasional use.

If you have never made angel food cake, it really is not difficult. It takes a little patience and some creativity to use up the egg yolks that are left over. (Hello, GF pudding!) With a few key need to know tips, you too could have a springy delight to serve with cream and berries or decadent chocolate sauce.


*Crack eggs in a bowl one at a time to avoid yolk in the entire batch of whites.

*The crockpot needs to be free of any leftover grease. I know you wash your crockpot well, but just double check it. The batter needs to "climb" the pan and it does it best "dry".

*A label free metal can free of any label glue is a perfect centerpiece to create the hole. If you leave the ingredients in the can it will give it weight to stay firmly grounded in the crockpot.

*Be prepared to cool the cake after it bakes. It cools upside down IN the pan so that it maintains its shape and airiness. I had plenty of head room on the top of my crockpot and I used a regular wire cooling rack to upend it on.

*I have not tried coconut sugar as a substitute yet but it is on my radar! Cane juice here is a treat and birthdays are made for just that very thing!

GF Angel Food Cake

1 cup of Bob's Red Mill (blue label) all purpose GF flour (or flour mix of your choice)

1 1/2 cups of unbleached, organic or chemical free cane juice granules (cane sugar)

1 1/2 tsps cream of tarter

1/4 tsp pink himalayan salt or real salt

12 large egg whites, room temperature (ZERO egg yolks)

2 tsp of vanilla extract

Stir together the cane juice, cream of tarter, pink salt in a mixing bowl. Add the egg whites and vanilla extract. Whisk on low to combine and then increase the speed to medium high and whip for 5-6 minutes. Increase the speed to HIGH and whip until the meringue is white, shiny and thick. When you lift the whisk from the mixture it should leave indentations.

Slowly add the GF flour, 1/4 cup at a time. It should be fully incorporated before adding the next 1/4 cup of flour.

Place the clean metal can in the middle of the crockpot. (We used a small 4 quart crockpot in order to have a taller cake.) Spoon the batter into the crockpot and around the can. Before you put the lid onto the crockpot, put a layer of paper towels or a clean hand towel across the top. The lid should hold the towel in place. The towel will capture any condensation and keep it from dripping onto your cake.

Turn your crockpot on HIGH and "bake" for about 2 hours. It should be golden brown and firm to the touch when it is finished. Remove the crockpot insert and immediately invert it onto your cooling racks to cool. Allow it to cool for at least two hours.

Once cool, gently use a spatula to loosen the edges and the bottom of the cake. Gently lift it out and place it on a plate to serve. Cut it with a serrated knife. Top as desired.

You are welcome. ;)

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