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Your Coffee in 2021

Are you an occasional coffee drinker? Are you a traveling coffee drinker? Do you have to have it every morning? Do you crash in the afternoon if you don't? Iced, hot, whipped, you are amongst over 100 million Americans are waking up to drink their favorite drink. Is it good for you?

The good news is that chemical free, cockroach (yes, I said cockroach), MOLD free coffee can be very good for you. Scientific peer reviewed resources conclude that coffee can improve your mood, your energy levels, increase your mental performance, make your exercise performance more effective and even lower your risk of type II diabetes. It is high in antioxidants and contains minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, Selenium, Copper and Manganese. Many of these minerals you need to help hydrate you and support your immune system. Whew!

So why does coffee get such a bad rap? Well, there is a dark side (pun intended.) Coffee IS the most heavily chemically sprayed crop on the planet. Some estimates that coffee in some areas get treated with up to 250 pounds of agricultural chemicals PER ACRE. The way that many conventional farmers process their coffee opens the way for mold and the toxins that mold puts off. No matter how many minerals something packs, these chemicals override the benefits by disrupting the body's ability to function well. These chemicals can have adverse affects on your mood, immune system and overall health...the exact opposite of what coffee is capable of assisting with. Many chemicals have been linked to deadly diseases and chronic health conditions. Decaf coffee that is not properly processed contains high levels of alfatoxin the same byproduct of mold that we try to avoid in peanut butter. Choose water processed when possible.

Switching to a healthy coffee is an investment in you. While you are making the change, try some healthier ways to ingest it as well. A freshly roasted cup of coffee has better flavor. Savor a sip to get a feel for the profile of the coffee bean you choose. Add extras with purpose and make better choices. Choose organic stevia over artificial sweeteners, maple syrup over sugar. Grassfed butter or coconut oil blended into your brew can make a good cream substitute. You CAN enjoy healthy and feel happier too! (See recipes below.)

Our best coffee is HERE:

We freshly roast in small batches when you order and deliver/mail it with in 24 hours.

Our decaf is water processed instead of with chemicals. This is my go to while healing my adrenals.

If you have to have instant, our affiliate company has a fantastic blend that is hands down my favorite for traveling. In the past few years I have made several trips without Adam and with all 7 kids. This is my preference for zero crash and the hemp infused goodness helps with the extra stress. (Even fun trips can be stressful.) You are getting a 3 in 1 in this blend. Chaga is an apoptogenic herb that helps you feel stable, organic coffee plus infused hemp to support your ECS.

Email me for a sample here:

Do you need recipes for enjoying your coffee? CHECK OUT OUR BLOG!

More info:

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