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Perfect Smile

Have you held a baby lately? I've been holding mine a lot! My children beg to hold him! Why? I wrote this when Joshua Shalom was ten weeks old. He didn't know how to do anything yet. Except smile. They smile at you and you smile at them. They may take a break for a time to rest and eat but then they are back at it again.

For the entire first year of his/her life, a baby looks for someone who is glad to be with them. When they smile at you, they have an expectation that you are going to smile back. You are happy to be with them simply for who they expectations...and this level of communication is building their joy strength!

What if we all smiled at each other like we smile at a baby? What if you gazed into your son or daughters eyes, with the simple intent to give them your best smile that portrayed you were happy to see them. What about your spouse or your co worker, close friend? If you gave them a smile that said I'm glad to be with you simply because you are you. What about a complete stranger? Can we delight in others and brighten their day knowing Yhwh loves them deeply?

Practice your perfect smile and delight in someone of any age!

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